How everyday Aussie builders are getting paid $300 - $5,000+ simply to quote potential jobs.

Podcasts, webinars & tools to increase profit for builders.

EVVE GROUP Success Story

"12 months ago we found ourselves in a position with our business needing some overall general guidance, we managed to find Builders Business Blackbelt and it's been the best decision that we've made so far within our business."

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Bonus #1 - Why Free Quotes Suck

Let's face it when you're out running around quoting all your jobs for free just trying to land the next deal, it doesn't put you in a strong position.

Free quotes mean, the process is rushed, you aren't getting paid for your time to quote and customers don't appreciate your work or see you as an expert!

Changing this process alone has been responsible for more closed deals for our Blackbelt members than anything else!

Bonus #2 - The Qualification Process

How do we go from quoting for free to getting paid to prepare a Professionally Prepared Proposal?

This process is a part of the curriculum of our paid Blueprint members community, but when you join the Toolshed today you'll receive your own copy to deploy in your business.

Our qualification process has resulted in our members being able to ditch free quotes entirely and get paid to quote.'

Leading to more committed customers and better projects!

The ToolShed is a community app, that includes direct connection to hundreds of success focused builders from around Australia.

Regular weekly podcasts, a community forum, and tons of trainings and support to get your building business working for you in the best way possible.

Our ToolShed members success stories.

Andrea - You Can’t Over Communicate With Your Clients!

Anthony - What Will Make Your Boat Go Faster?

Dean - If You Don’t Manage Your Mind, Don’t Expect To Be Able To Manage Anything Else!

Andrew Mead - It’s Your Business, Your Process!

A word from Mick Hawes, Founder and Head Coach.

Who's in the ToolShed?

Dean Mance

Mance Electrical

For many years my business was a source of frustration and distress, with long hours and little financial reward.

Working with Mick and Julie transformed it into a smooth running operation with happy clients, happy team members and good profits that actually ended up in my bank account, not just on a tax return!

I have watched Blueprint & Blackbelt members make the same transition, and I'm very grateful to be part of such a dynamic and successful group.

Kristin Fragar

Next Gen Building

Builders Business Blackbelt has been extremely valuable for us and our business. Mick has introduced us to a multitude of amazing resources and tools, and helped us to implement them in both our personal and professional lives.

Over the past 5 years we have gone from stressed, overwhelmed and worried about our finances, to being in-control, well on our way to building the lifestyle we REALLY want and growing our business beyond what we could have even imagined in the past. A big thank you to Mick and Julie and the entire BBB group for supporting us and pushing us in the right direction.

Paul Purdon

Fair Dinkum Sheds

After having a building business that was doing well but a business owner who had no real direction joining BBB was the key to my self development, enabling me to get my team more engaged, create an exciting pathway for our customers to enjoy along with only having "A" class customers. Cash flow is amazing, profitability is more than I ever expected!

Thank you Mick and Julie.

What’s in the ToolShed?

Expert Advice

Get on-the-spot help from builders coach Mick Hawes, our trusted panel of experts covering all aspects of business (from marketing to finance) and hundreds of successful builders.

That’s thousands of dollars’ worth of value you’re not having to pay to overpriced consultants!

Tools and Resources

Gain unfettered access to our comprehensive resource library of tools, podcast episodes and articles on every topic you can think of.

Not only will you learn how to extract more profit and meaning out of your business, you’ll save yourself heaps of time and stress in the process.


A problem shared is a problem halved.

Use the Toolshed to chat with other builders, ask questions, and share your own experiences and insights with your industry peers.

You can also sign up for our live and streamed virtual events via our Blueprint and Blackbelt programs.

I believe that running a building company, taking time off and making profit should be easy. Most builders simply lack the right strategies.

Mick Hawes, Founder

Toolshed mastermind Mick Hawes has been involved in the building industry for most of his life. He’s also been a performance coach in both business and elite sports for more than 35 years. With the Toolshed, Mick brings together those years of knowledge and experience in an easily accessible package made specifically for builders just like you.

Why builders? Mick had seen too many of his builder mates hire expensive business consultants, only to be presented with solutions, systems and tools that weren’t suitable for the specific challenges builders face. Plus... He's found just about every frustrating and painful part of a building business has a simple fix!

By focusing on builders, Mick can ensure that the Toolshed provides tailored, practical and useful resources just for people like you – and you’ll see faster progress towards your goals.

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